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TK/Kinder Vaccine Catch Up

For children who are about to enter TK/kinder, who are not fully vaccinated, I recommend the CDC catch up schedule. However, if a child over 3 has a severe allergy or has a strong family history of autoimmune/allergic diseases, I often recommend the following "one shot at a time" catch up schedule for school vaccinations. In this manner, if there is a reaction, we know exactly which vaccine it is and can continue with the others.

This is a fast, but safe way for children over 3 to catch up rapidly for school if they have an increased risk with vaccines. This is not an alternative schedule for routine vaccination. Most children do very well with the CDC schedule or existing alternative schedules.

Note: This will need to be completed by TK/Kinder entry in California for unconditional admission, so start early.
Cross out any vaccine doses already received.
Starting nowDTaP #1
1 month laterPolio #1
2 months laterMMR #1
3 months laterDTaP #2
4 months laterPolio #2
5 months laterHep B #1
6 months laterVaricella #1
7 months laterHep B #2
8 months laterDTaP #3
9 months laterHep B #3 (must be 4 months after #1, and 2 months after #2)
10 months later
Polio #3 (if over 4 years old, must be 6 months after #2 to avoid the fourth dose)
11 months laterMMR #2 (if over 4 years old)
12 months laterVaricella #3
14 months laternone
14 months laterDtaP #4 (must be 6 months after #3. If over 4 years old no fifth shot needed)