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Medical Exemptions for California Vaccinations

Note: This is for exemptions to the school vaccine requirements for preschool through 12th grade in California, when a child has physical conditions or medical circumstances such that immunization would not be considered safe by a physician.

STEP 1: Does the child qualify?

Medical Requirements for Vaccine Exemption: To be even considered for an exemption, the child will need a minimum of 4 people in the family with qualifying diseases/conditions listed at the bottom of this page to qualify. Family members must be blood related to the child in question. Up to 4 generations will be considered. You may need more than 4 people if the diseases are less severe.

Exception would be a well-documented severe reaction to a vaccine in the person seeking exemption or immediate relative (parent, sibling). Also, if an autoimmune disease in the person himself/herself is severe, I may make an exception.

Neurologic issues and developmental delay may qualify for temporary exemption if the condition is worsening or still being diagnosed and defined, but will not qualify if the condition is stable.

Exemptions to specific vaccines may be written if blood Titers (IgG blood levels) already show immunity.

STEP 2: Documentation: No exemptions without documentation. All documentation is required by email before you are offered an appointment. First, name the family members, their qualifying disease(s) and their relationships to the child seeking the exemption. Then attach the supporting documentation which may include official medical records and summaries, death certificates if disease is listed on it, screenshots of patient portals, VAERS report, pictures of specific medication with family member's name on the label, (i.e. epi-pen or Lupus specific medication). Note that thyroid medicine and diabetes medicine are too nonspecific to be accepted. Useful but rarely sufficient are emails or letters from family members about their diseases in cases of destruction of records or death of family member (can't use as sole documentation type).

I won't make diagnoses for you by pictures of people, rashes, joints, etc. No data dumps, please. A single page/chart note documenting the person's name and disease is sufficient.

No passwords on files please. No online share files. No links to online data.

STEP 3: Appointment: If qualifications are met and documention is complete, you may be offered a place in a group appointment.

Qualifying Diseases/Conditions:
Please do not use a disease not on this list to qualify unless it is a specific autoimmune disease, immune deficiency, or rare immune cancer.

Autoimmune Conditions
Including, but not limited to:
Ulcerative Colitis
Mixed connective tissue
Hashimoto or Graves thyroid (not regular low thyroid - documentation of the antibody result or the actual name of the disease noted in medical records is required)
Antiphospholipid antibody
Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatoid arthritis (not old age or overuse arthritis)
Type 1 diabetes (child type)
Eosinophilic esophagitis

NOT fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Lyme or endometriosis. Those will not qualify as they are not officially recognized as autoimmune.

Hyper immune conditions
Including, but not limited to:
Allergies to food, bee stings, medicines that include hives/swelling/wheezing (hay fever does not count)

Immune Cancers
Including, but not limited to:
Multiple myeloma

NO other cancers will qualify. i.e. NOT Breast, Colon, Skin, Lung, etc.

Immune deficiencies
Including, but not limited to:

Documented diseases only. Not symptoms of a disease that has never been diagnosed or "getting sick a lot".

Genetic SNP's associated with increased vaccine reaction risk
Studies are still pending, but include MTHFR, Some HLA subtypes. These will only count once in the family as a contributing factor, not per person who has it. Also, they don't count as much as a family member with an actual disease.

Vaccine reactions
Vaccine reactions must be related to the vaccine within about a week and not caused by anything else. These reactions include but are not limited to:
Leg swelling causing hospitalization
Difficulty breathing
Encephalitis, including high-pitched cry and developmental regression (must be well documented within a short time of the shot)
Severe lethargy
Fevers over 104

Bad reactions do NOT include fevers under 104, sore leg, feeling cranky, getting sick a lot after, getting asthma after, having allergies after vaccination, or getting ear infections or other infections right after the shot. These are normal immune system responses to a disease/vaccine stimulus.

Non-Qualifying Diseases/Conditions
Not Behavior issues
Not Psychiatric diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, anxiety
Not Asperger's
Not Autism
Not Seizures, epilepsy, strokes, migraines or other neurologic diseases
Not Hypertension, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease
Not Adult onset diabetes